Pain Management

clock97 Typical Length of Procedure:
Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
tshirt17 Dress Requirements:
Wear loose clothing without metal or buttons (e.g. sweatpants, track pants, or yoga pants.)
Please do not wear jewellery.
Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
Examination gowns provided as necessary.
drugs5 Medication and Dietary Requirements:
No dietary restrictions.
As tolerated, please reduce intake of oral pain killers on the day of your appointment.
You will need to report any allergies, chance of pregnancy, medication such as blood thinners or antibiotics, and medical conditions such as diabetes.
pregnancy SPECIAL ALERT:
Be sure to tell your doctor or the technologist before the procedure if you are pregnant or believe you could be pregnant. Pain procedures that use X-rays are not usually performed during pregnancy. Pain procedures using ultrasound can still be performed.
bandageWhat is image-guided pain management?
These minimally invasive procedures are performed by a radiologist using X-ray or ultrasound guidance to precisely deliver anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications to specific areas causing pain, including joints, bursae, tendons, nerve roots, etc. The goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life by decreasing pain and increasing functional ability.

Who can benefit from pain therapy?
A wide variety of patients may benefit from these services including those suffering from pain due to arthritis, previous trauma, sports injuries, and sciatica, as well as patients awaiting joint replacement.

How do I arrange to have the procedure?
You will need a referral from your family physician or a specialist. Once you have a referral, call for an appointment. You will be asked several preliminary questions about your medical history and medications to ensure you can have the procedure safely.

What can I expect during the procedure?
The appointment may include a brief consultation to confirm the source of pain. Consent forms will explain the minimal risks and rare complications. Written consent will be required. It may be necessary to change into an examination gown. You will be positioned in either a chair or bed to allow the radiologist to visualize the target area with X-ray or ultrasound. The skin overlying the affected area will be sterilized and protected with surgical drapes. The radiologist will anaesthetize the injection site, then the needle will be placed accurately using image guidance. You will be required to stay for a short time following the injection.

How long will it take before I can expect results?
Immediate effects from the local anaesthetic will usually last for several hours. Your initial response will be recorded with a pain score. Symptoms may then return for a short period of time until the anti-inflammatory medication has had sufficient time to work, usually within several days to a week. The effects will typically last for several months.

Where are the procedures performed?
The Pain Management Clinic is located on the downstairs level of the Radiology Associates clinic in Lethbridge.

How much do these procedures cost?
The majority of the procedures are free of charge to patients with valid Alberta Health Care insurance. Bring your Alberta Health Care Card and a piece of photo identification with you to the appointment.


Our clinic can provide Botox as part of your pain management treatment.

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