Body Composition

clock97 Typical Length of Exam:
Approximately 20-30 minutes
tshirt17 Dress Requirements:
Wear loose, comfortable clothing with no zippers, metal buttons, or other metal parts.
Do not wear jewellery.
Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne.
Examination gowns are provided as necessary.
drugs5 Medication and Dietary Requirements:
You may take your usual medications except for calcium-containing medications on the day of the exam.
If you have had a barium examination, intravenous contrast for a CT examination, or an isotope injection for a nuclear medicine examination, you will have to wait 10-14 days before having a body composition analysis.
pregnancy SPECIAL ALERT:
Be sure to tell your doctor or the technologist before the procedure if you are pregnant or believe you could be pregnant. This test is not usually performed during pregnancy.
male2What is body composition analysis?
Your body is made up of water, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Body composition analysis is used to determine the ratio of fat to lean body tissue. If you have too much fat, especially at the waist, you have a higher risk of health problems. Our facility uses dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), a low dose X-ray procedure that is the best method for measuring body composition.

How is this analysis useful?
The information from this test can assist:
1. Physicians treating patients with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other related health problems
2. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who wish to monitor effects of training and exercise

What you can expect:
You will be asked to lie on the examination table. A detector will move over your body and collect the information for a detailed body composition analysis. If you have any concerns or questions about the results, please discuss it with your physician or fitness  instructor.